Judy Bailey: How I Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer & Wake Up Energised

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Sleeping through the night is a problem that affected 63% of Kiwis in 2022, and for Judy Bailey, the problem began to really hit home.

“I get to sleep the minute my head hits the pillow, and then I wake up at 2:00 am, ready to solve the world’s problems…” Judy joked.

But behind the laughter was a very real problem.

“For me, getting a poor night’s sleep means low energy the next day… and without my energy, I often feel like life is ‘less than’.”

And as we all learn, good nights sleep doesn’t care for our diaries and plans:

“Every 10 weeks or so, the school holidays come round, and my grandchildren come to stay with me…”

“It’s so much fun; we bake in the kitchen and have such a laugh… BUT, when I’m tired, it can be really hard to muster the energy to join in on their games.”

“You feel like you’re letting them down when you tell them, ‘oh no sorry, I’m too tired today”.

With the upcoming school holidays this year, Judy was determined to find something to help her feel confident in her sleep and energy levels.

“I’ve tried various things, but they always come with long lists of potential side effects, none of them good, and I’ve even experienced some of the negatives myself!”

Many products out there are effective at making you sleep, but they cost you your energy and alertness the next morning.

Knowing that powerful synthetic ingredients can disrupt our delicate hormone balances all too well, Judy kept searching until she found what she was looking for…

“So finally, I turned to Koru Sleep as it was completely natural and had glowing reviews online. When I first tried it, I thought ‘I’ll probably have to expect to wake up groggy in the morning…

But actually, it was the opposite. I was really energised.”

“I’d finally had a great sleep, and I felt confident that I could sustain the energy required to be fully engaged and make memories with my grandkids.”

But it wasn’t just Judy who woke up refreshed…

Over 259,671 Koru Sleep doses delivered so far!

Reading the reviews you begin to see the reason for Koru Sleep’s growing following in New Zealand.

People like Sally who wrote in to say, “My sleep has vastly improved since starting to use the Sleep capsules. Thank you Koru Nutrition. 😊 🥰🤗”

Or Kay, “I have tried many different natural sleep products and this one works by far the best! Well done Koru Nutrition.”

Finally, Joy wrote in with an incredible review…

“I started using Koru Sleep recently after a long time of sleep disruption or difficulty getting to sleep. Koru Sleep has made a huge difference. I am sleeping so much better – if I happen to wake in the night I can go back to sleep straight away – no more lying awake for several hours as in the past. I am SO grateful to Koru Sleep. Koru are an amazing company to deal with for prompt service and delivery. All my dealings have been 100% satisfactory. Thank you.”

How does Koru Sleep work?

Koru Sleep is packed with 7 powerful nutrients that support all four cycles of sleep.

With TV screens and smartphones featuring in every moment of our lives, our world isn’t just quicker, but our minds are too.

In Koru Sleep, powerful natural ingredients are harnessed to counter this stimuli. By relaxing the mind it leads to deep restorative sleep, allowing our bodies to naturally detox so you wake feeling well-rested.

Koru Sleep contains Magnesium Glycinate, Valerian Root, Zinc, 5-HTP, Passionflower, Vitamin B6, and L-Theanine – which when used correctly have been shown not just get you to sleep, but also to support sleep cycles and detoxification, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed.

Eases sleep transition and calms thoughts, allowing for a smoother entry into sleep and relaxation.
Fosters deep sleep by blocking external distractions, ensuring peaceful and uninterrupted rest.
Enhances restorative and REM sleep, supporting physical recovery and improving cognitive functions for a refreshed and energised morning.

As with any review, study, or report, other people’s results are just that—other people’s results. What really matters is if Koru Sleep can support you to find better sleep and the energy levels that you want.

That’s why Koru Nutrition offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. To ensure you’re not out of pocket if you’re not satisfied, they’ll refund you 100% of your order cost.

Koru Nutrition currently has up to 25% off when ordering Koru Sleep in selected bundles. See the packages for yourself below 👇

28 days ago

Patricia G. Verified Buyer

Best thing to take before heading off to Sleep you get a peaceful and restful sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day with renewed energy and freshness because of your relaxing and restful sleep
Koru Nutrition replied:
Thank you for your feedback Petricia! So great to hear it's helped 🙂 All the best and happy sleeping.
29 days ago

Jen T. Verified Buyer

I love it . Get the best of sleep now .
Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Jen, so great to hear! Reach out if there's anything else you need 🙂
1 month ago

Lynley D. Verified Buyer

It works for me! My sleep has improved
Koru Nutrition replied:
Kia ora Lynley, thanks for your review! So glad you've found success.

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