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Murray’s Answer to the Shrinking World of Joint Pain:

Written by J. Simmons

Updated May 9, 2022

After finding himself struggling to do the basic jobs around the house, 54 year-old Murray explained how he felt slow, trapped and decades older than he really was.

“Here I was doing some exercise, walking along the beach – trying to be healthy. Instead I hurt my knee and was left on a crutch with my now late 94-year-old father walking circles around me…”

Murray’s first discovery during this ordeal was just how vital and important good mobility is to living a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Crucially, he began to miss his old lifestyle of being active and doing his hobbies as and when he pleased.

Sadly, poor joint mobility is something people his age and above are becoming all too familiar with – even without terrible knee injuries like Murray’s.

“It’s not until you’ve had your mobility taken away that you realise just how important it is. All the little things in life just become difficult.”

As our mobility decreases, we often feel like the size of our world does too. Tasks and activities that once felt effortless now feel like climbing mountains…

Often finding a solution that actually works can feel like climbing a mountain all on its own…

Everywhere we look there seems to be different ‘answers’ and amazing ‘promises’… but never any truly amazing results.

“Frustration and hopelessness” was how Murray could best describe his long hunt for a solution that worked…

“I tried many different things, but they never worked, or they came with some nasty side effects such as irritated skin wherever I applied it. It would warm the skin but no actual support would come for the joint pain… it was always pretty useless.”

Murray soon made a second discovery.

After rigorous searching and trying of different physios, products, and diets, I was left frustrated and feeling helpless… right until I came across a bottle of joint cream called Koru FX.”

“I was at my wits end with what I thought were the top products, but nether-the-less I gave this one a go too…”

“Quite simply, it worked. And it worked fast.”

“I’ll never forget the sensation on my knees the first time I used it. It went hot as I rubbed it in and then I began to feel a ‘cooling feeling’ on my actual knee joint.”

“It wasn’t long until I noticed the calmness in the muscles surrounding my knee… It only took about 8 minutes I think.”

Previous gripes Murray had with other solutions was their failure to have any long lasting effect. As time went on that day, Murray’s time, effort, and money became worthwhile as he experienced the ultimate result for those battling with joint problems:

“After a few hours, I’d forgotten all about it… of course until my wife asked me how it was going a few hours later, and I realised I’d not even spared a thought thinking about my knee.”

This was key to Murray’s experience. This was in fact the perfect result he was looking for.

“I had the mental freedom to stand up, walk about and be confident. I’d not waited for it to twinge or tweak.”

“I won’t go back now. It’s the cream you forget about because it put the problem to the back of my mind.”

  • – Murray

Nobel Prize Winning Compound

In 2021, David Julius won the Nobel Prize for discovering a way to disrupt nerve ending signals using topical oils such as peppermint.

This research was conducted in the late 90s is core to understanding just why Koru FX is so effective.

Koru FX contains peppermint, black pepper and nutmeg oils. The peppermint disrupts the nerve signals from the joint before they reach the brain; and then the black pepper and nutmeg oils support the rapid absorption of the antioxidants in oils like Manuka, Arnica, Eucalyptus and  Calendula ( plus many more).

Direct Application for Fast Results

By applying directly to the joint, you flood the joint with soothing antioxidants directly to the targeted area immediately.

This allows the compounds to instantly begin working rather than waiting for the compounds to build up in your system over a number of weeks; allowing you to feel the benefit fast.

What Other People Are Saying…

Koru FX has become NZ’s #1 best selling natural joint soothing cream thanks to its proprietary formula harnessing the synergistic power of natural compounds.

Koru FX is a best-seller in pharmacies all over the country due to its instant application, fast-acting formula and long-lasting effects.

Thousands of people all over the country rave about Koru FX to friends, family and colleagues because for many, it’s the first product that actually did what was promised.


If you’re looking for some natural support for your joints and muscles then consider Koru FX.

It’s NZ’s #1 best-selling topical joint soothing cream because it works.

Its breakthrough formula combines the power of nature and science for a new type of joint cream that disrupts the nerve whilst flooding the joint with antioxidants.

And to help spread the word, Koru Nutrition, the makers of Koru FX are offering our readers a special offer…

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