Close Call! 68-year-old Jan finds natural joint solution in time for wedding.

Written by K. Connie

Updated May 27, 2022

Being a grandmother is one of the most wondrous experiences to have.

To watch someone so precious and meaningful to you grow up and experience life’s highs, lows and learning curves is one of the greatest gifts as humans we’re lucky to be a part of.

As the little ones become not-so-little anymore, it doesn’t put an end to the joys of watching them grow and thrive into the world we have greatly experienced ourselves.


For Jan, her grandsons wedding was finally just around the corner. After two years of it being postponed, the date was finally set, and it looked for all money like it would go ahead!

They had selected a beautiful location, deep in the centre of the South Island…

“My Grandson was getting married in Cromwell and I just couldn’t miss it. I knew I’d be quite cramped up in the plane and car ride. Having my knees tucked up for any length of time isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.”

Tight joints and achy muscles were something Jan had gotten sick of after many long car rides, flight journeys, or even just after spending a day in the garden…


Jan was fed up and had enough of this nagging problem. She began researching and talking to her pharmacist.

Sticking to her principles of family and good health, and realising to spend quality time with her family she needed to be in good health, Jan outlined that the solution to her joint troubles had to be:

1. Affordable.

2. Natural (as to avoid copious amounts of possible side-effects).

3. Non-invasive.

Flash forwards a few weeks, and with the flight and long car-ride to Cromwell looming for her grandsons wedding, Jan had this to say:

“Fortunately for my husband and I, we use an amazing joint cream, called Koru FX. I saw all sorts of people sharing their results online and thought I just have to look into this.”

“I had tried other joint rubs but not found them very useful, so I made sure I dug a little deeper. Seeing it had a wider range of great natural ingredients, even lesser-known oils, I thought it was worth a try.”

“I ordered three bottles and sent one to my daughter who works in healthcare in Queenstown. She told me that they already knew about it down there…”

“Once I began using it, I could see why there’s so much talk and hype about it. It’s a darn good product. It has a pleasant smell and actually does what I wanted it to.”

“The joint support it provides my knees and back, especially on rainy days, is almost unbelievable.”

“My husband uses it on his knees regularly to get extra support. I often use it in the evenings and find I get a really good night’s sleep without waking to stretch my legs.”

“Having the confidence to slide in and out of the cars in Cromwell was vital. Just being able to be there for the wedding was the important thing but taking Koru FX with me made it so much more enjoyable. I felt like one of the young ones again as I got up to dance and jive the night away.”

Fortunately for our readers, this story times nicely with an opportunity to try Koru FX for yourself at 30% off with selected packages…

Made by Koru Nutrition in Christchurch, Koru FX has become NZ’s #1 Choice for Natural Joint and Muscle Support. With over 75,000 happy customers like Jan, Koru FX has lifted the bar for what you can expect from joint support creams.

Jan now recommends Koru FX to everyone who mentions their knees, hips, fingers, neck or back.

“I can’t speak highly enough of it. I’ve tried other products, but this is the one I’m telling everyone about.”

Koru FX retails at $19.95 per bottle and can be as cheap as $13.95 per bottle right now with this special deal below for our readers:

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Close Call! 68-year-old Jan finds natural joint solution in time for wedding.

Being a grandmother is one of the most wondrous experiences to have. To watch someone so precious and meaningful to read more