Gardener Support: 65 Year Old Discover’s Game Changing Secret…

Written by Selene Wilson

Updated March 24, 2022

After being left “spaced out” by a cocktail for his elbow, a gardener from North Canterbury claims he has been supported by a natural cream called Koru FX.

Neil Morgan, 65, has struggled with his elbows for a while. But it wasn’t until he discovered this natural cream that he realised you can actually do more than just numb the skin.

Neil mowing the lawns.

Constantly searching for a way to keep working, Neil tried a number of common joint remedies. Many had nasty side-effects, some quite severe and even habit-forming.

“No other natural product made a noticeable difference. They just cooled or warmed my skin, some didn’t even do that…”

Neil explained the moment he found a natural New Zealand made cream called Koru FX. He says it would soothe his elbow within the first few moments and would keep working for most of the day.

As a full-time gardener, Neil had heard of all the ingredients before, but was shocked by the way they worked together in such a powerful way…

“I was amazed that within a few moments of putting the cream on my elbows, the joint started to feel calmer. The cream absorbed in a few minutes, soothing the joint quickly but not leaving my arms sticky or smelly.”

“By the end of the first week, I was a convert. I’ve been enjoying my newfound freedom ever since!”

“I’ve already reordered because there’s no way I’m letting it go!”

“I have no doubt Koru FX is the real deal, if you’re thinking about trying it, don’t wait. I was most definitely a sceptic too, but trust me, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Koru FX & It’s Nobel Prize Winning Compound

In 2021, David Julius won the Nobel Prize for his 1990s research that discovered a way to disrupt nerve ending signals using topical oils such as peppermint.

Koru FX harnesses peppermint oil, disrupting the nerve signals from the joint before they reach the brain; and then its black pepper and nutmeg oils support the rapid absorption of the antioxidants in oils like Manuka, Arnica, Eucalyptus and Calendula (plus many more).

What People Are Saying…

Koru FX has become NZ’s #1 best selling natural joint soothing cream thanks to its proprietary formula harnessing the synergistic power of natural compounds.

Koru FX is a best-seller in pharmacies all over the country due to its instant application, fast-acting formula and long-lasting effects.

Thousands of people all over the country rave about Koru FX to friends, family and colleagues because for many, it’s the first product that actually did what was promised.

Where can I buy Koru FX?

Koru FX is available online and in community pharmacies across New Zealand.

Today, readers can order directly from the manufacturers and receive a 60 Day Money-back Guarantee and up to 30% OFF your first order.

We wanted to ensure that all our readers are 100% satisfied. If for whatever reason you’re not, then you can return the bottle and get a complete refund – no questions asked.

Koru FX retails at up to $24.95 per bottle in some pharmacies but is down to $13.95 per bottle right now with this special bundle deal for our readers.  This special offer pricing won’t last with the increasing inflationary pressure.

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