“I walk and move more confidently!” Dog Walker Shares New Joint Support

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“To them I didn’t look any different, but I knew my mobility just wasn’t there.” 

These were the words uttered by Philip, an active retiree whose regular dog walks were halted by an unexpected ankle injury. 

Prior to his injury, Philip and his dog Benji could often be seen walking the streets around their neighbourhood twice, if not three times per day. 

“Benji loves to go for walks throughout the day which kept me active,” Philip explained. 

But whilst not being able to get out and about with Benji, Philip noticed not just a physical impact on his health, but a psychological one too…

“Not walking my dog was hard emotionally. He’d look at me and wonder why we couldn’t go out. Even to him I didn’t look any different, but my mobility just wasn’t there.” 

This change, albeit temporary whilst he recovered, highlighted the value he placed on his mobility. 

Philip decided he was going to do what he could to support his joints and mobility for the future, not just for his sake but for Benji’s too. 

This led him down various pathways familiar to many who have found depleting comfort in their joints… 

Whether it was trying fad diets or other well-marketed but ineffective solutions, Philip was unsatisfied with everything he tried. 

However, his journey took a positive turn with a suggestion from his son-in-law: 

“My son-in-law suggested I try Koru Nutrition’s Koru Joint, which I did.” 

Koru Joint is a nutrient-dense formula, with a natural 3 in 1 mechanism to sooth, nourish, and lubricate joints. 

“I was a little bit sceptical to start with because I thought about all the different vitamins people talk about that haven’t worked for me. But I thought, well, I’ll try it. If you don’t try different things, you’ll never know!” 

6 months later, Philip had this to say about Koru Joint

“I found it really beneficial. It has supported my mobility big time. I would say I walk and move more confidently, and I know my joints are getting what they need. That’s got to be a plus.” 

When asked whether or not he would recommend Koru Joint to others who struggle with joint health, he said: “It’s like putting oil in the car!”

“If you drive a car without oil, you run the risk of the parts breaking down… I find Koru Joint is like a lubricant for your joints to support them doing their job for longer. Yes, I would definitely recommend it!” Philip concluded. 

And it’s not just Philip who’s found Koru Joint beneficial… 

Over 9,438 Happy Kiwis and Counting…

Reading the reviews you begin to see the reason for Koru Joint’s growing following in New Zealand and around the world…

People like Janet who wrote in to say, “I have been using Koru Joint for some time now and have found it a great help with my foot. Also found it good on those sore spots after gardening, especially in my hands. Wouldn’t be without it now.”

Or Margaret, “Since using Koru Joint my knee has been SOOOO much better. I take it morning and night.”

Finally, Robin wrote in with an incredible review…

“I’ve been using the Koru Joint for a month now. Before I started, mornings were tough, especially in the cold, as moving my fingers was quite a challenge. After just about two weeks of use, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my fingers’ flexibility and overall range of motion. I’m really happy with this product.”

With over nine thousand happy users, there are plenty of success stories… But statistically, what was the average success rate that people experienced?

The Koru Joint Consumer Trial

In 2023, a consumer trial led by the Otago University Master of Nutrition program surveyed 50 individuals for 60 days while taking Koru Joint.

The study found that a statistically significant 76% of participants reported improved joint health after 30 days of using Koru Joint.

Here are some of the fascinating results:

➡ Over 67% of participants reported positive improvement within the first 14 days of taking Koru Joint, with this figure rising to over 76% by day 30.

➡ The consumer trial surveyed people aged between 50 and 80, with 81.58% over the age of 60.

➡ The majority of participants experienced better performance in daily tasks, with 59.6% reporting no difficulty in household tasks by day 60.

Why did it work?

Koru Joint is packed with essential nutrients that are often missing from our daily diets.

These nutrients are vital to support our tendons, cartilage and synovial fluids which are responsible for retaining joint comfort and mobility.

These powerful ingredients such as curcumin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid, just to name three of the ten natural ingredients found in Koru Joint—are not just key to soothing but also to nourishing and lubricating joints for the long haul.

Potent antioxidants soothe the joint and enhance flexibility.
Vital nutrients strengthen connective tissues and ensure optimal joint function.
Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine and Chondroitin promote healthy cartilage and synovial fluid production.

As with any review, study, or report, other people’s results are just that—other people’s results. What really matters is if Koru Joint can support your joints and help you live the life that you want.

That’s why Koru Nutrition offers a 60-day money back guarantee. They trust their data and know that Koru Joint will help more than 3 out of 4 people in the first 60 days.

To ensure you’re not out of pocket if you are in the minority, they’ll refund you 100% of your order cost should you not find the results you’re looking for – no questions asked.

Are you ready to turn the page on your achy joints? Koru Joint is designed to make that happen. Click below to view Koru Joint online for yourself… 👇

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More Reviews:

1 month ago

Donna P. Verified Buyer

You don’t notice the progress you have made taking the Koru joint until you stop taking it, then you realise that it has helped you move around more freely and the pain has lessened.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Donna! Thank you so much for your very feedback – this is so helpful for our customers! That’s awesome that you find improved mobility when taking Koru joint! Thanks again and take care!
1 month ago

Barrie D. Verified Buyer

Been using it for years…not sure if it actually does anything

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Barrie, Thank you for your feedback. It can be tricky sometimes to know if a product is working for you. The ingredients within Koru Joint are all designed to help keep Joints nourished, soothed, and lubricated. I hope these are the effects you are experiencing! If you are unsure and would like to discuss this some more, please feel free to contact us at info@korunutrition.co.nz or call 0800 99 99 80. Take care!
1 month ago

Grant M. Verified Buyer

Great product

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Grant! Thanks so much for your awesome review! We think its great too! – We’re super stoked that you’re happy with our product. Best wishes!
1 month ago

Kay U. Verified Buyer

Buy it. It works.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Kay! Thanks so much for your positive review on our Koru Joint and the awesome rating! We’re stoked to know our product worked out great for you. Take care!
1 month ago

Christopher S. Verified Buyer

My general ability to recover after putting pressure (from Trail runs, hill climbing) on my joints – particularly my knees – seems to be a lot better since taking Koru Joint

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Christopher! We really appreciate your 5-star review and we’re delighted to hear that Koru Joint has been helpful to you in improving your recovery after strenuous activities. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
1 month ago

Miriam G. Verified Buyer

I can’t take prescription meds. I take 4 of these capsules a day without and them my knees would be hell.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Miriam, Thank you for your feedback – we are thrilled to hear you are able to be supported in your situation by using our Koru Joint – We wish you all the very best!
2 months ago

Diana W. Verified Buyer

Koru Joint Formula is a must have for me, has been totally effective for hip and foot pain.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Diana! We’re thrilled to know that Koru Joint Formula is doing wonders for your hip and foot. Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with us – this is truly appreciated and helps our customers a lot – best wishes!
2 months ago

Simon P. Verified Buyer

A good product this one.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hey Simon! Thanks for taking the time to share, your feedback means everything to us – we are thrilled to hear you are enjoying our Koru Joint. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@korunutrition.co.nz
2 months ago

Frances D. Verified Buyer

It works

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Frances! Thank you so much for your 5 star rating and review regarding our Koru Joint – This is really helpful for our customers and we are so happy to hear you are finding the results you are looking for with this product. Take care and we wish you all the best!
2 months ago

Atwools Verified Buyer

It is very good for joint mobility

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Atwools, Thank you for sharing your review on our Koru Joint! We’re thrilled to hear that it’s been beneficial for your joint mobility. We have identified that Mobility is a key part of ageing well and is something we endeavour to support with through our products. We’re delighted that you’ve found our formula to be effective. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. Thanks again and take care!
2 months ago

Christine M. Verified Buyer

I’ve been using Koru joint x for many years now and can’t do without it. Combined with joint tabs I’m a different person.

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Christine, Thank you so much for your feedback on our Koru Joint – we are stoked to hear you have been experiencing the many positive benefits of this supplement. It’s wonderful to hear how our product has been able to support you all these years! Take care and feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries!
3 months ago

Jill H. Verified Buyer

Koru Joint is used by myself and my partner and we do not have any aching joints. We take 2 a day and swear by this product

Koru Nutrition replied:
Hi Jill, Thank you so much for your review on Koru Joint – we really appreciate you taking the time to share the positive benefits you have experience using this product – this is so helpful for our customers! We wish you and your husband all the best! Take care and best wishes!
4 months ago

Mata K. Verified Buyer

I originally started using the Koru Joint in NZ as I believed it helped me during the winter months and with the cold weather. Since moving to Australia, I have it on repeat order and it has certainly helped me keep mobile and supports my body structure

Koru Nutrition replied:
Awesome Mata! So pleased to hear it’s helping you. 😄