Does Coffee Cost Us Collagen?

Written by J. Dawkins

Updated November 15, 2022

How many months (or potentially years…) was it since you last skipped your morning coffee?

A morning coffee, or more to the point, caffeine has become the catalyst to waking up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day intends to throw at us…

But for all the good caffeine does in wiping away sleepiness, tasting great, and often being at the centre of social catch ups… there’s usually bad press around the health impacts when moderation is exceeded.

In recent discoveries, caffeine’s interaction with the natural levels of collagen in our skin and how ‘old’ we look has been thoroughly researched.

Could our morning sips be making us look older than we really are?

Thankfully for coffee lovers, caffeine doesn’t make the list ‘collagen destroyers’ (more on that further down…), and there is a serious solution all coffee drinkers should consider trying.

What is the #1 sign that we’ve aged?  

A group of researchers in 2015, tried to prove that wrinkles show your age more than any other factor.

To do this, they set up an experiment to measure the aging effect of 33 separate factors such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, larger pore size, thin/sagging skin etc. In this experiment, they were confident that wrinkles would come out on top…

But when they saw the results, they were stunned. They discovered that wrinkles are far from being the biggest age indicator.

Incredibly, the study suggested that wrinkles are a side effect of another, more serious problem.

It turns out the symptoms that have the most significant aging impact is a loss of volume, thinning, and loss of elasticity, sagging.

Structural strength and tautness is related to collagen levels in the skin, so what is happening to our collagen as we age?

Coffee’s role in making us look older: 

Skin specialist Dr. Paul Nassif describes collagen as “the protein that gives your skin its tightness and elasticity, so once it drops, your skin starts to sag, and wrinkles appear.”

And when it comes to caffeine’s role in collagen, Dr Nassif explains that “Caffeine slows down the rate at which your body makes collagen.”

It is key to understand that even though caffeine is not specifically destroying your levels of collagen, it is hindering your body from replacing the levels which are being destroyed by 3 everyday culprits for some people.

Through exposure to the sun, a diet of too much sugar and refined carbohydrates, and smoking depleting levels of collagen leave our skin thin, sagging and us looking 15 years older than we really are!

Collagen accounts for 30% of our body’s protein, providing structure and strength to our skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues…

And when it comes to ageing brilliantly, collagen is responsible for keeping our skin tight, glowing, and looking full. 

What can I do to replenish my collagen? 

Currently the online market is incredibly saturated with collagen products – you’ve probably seen them before all over Facebook!

So how can we decipher the good from the bad? The ones that work vs. the ones that don’t – because the ones that work, REALLY work.

Quite simply, knowing what to look for on ingredient labels is key…

And you don’t have to be a professional pharmacist to understand the formulas to avoid, and the ones to try out.  

What to look for in collagen supplements: 

A healthy dose of collagen! Anything below 700mg of collagen is likely to be too small of a dose to make a difference to your skin, hair, or nail growth.

Ensure the collagen is supported by multiple vitamins such as B, C, D, or K.  

Look for natural formulas! Not only can you avoid any nasty side effects, but natural ingredients have a compounding affect, making each other stronger and more effective when put together.  


Do you have to give up coffee to combat the signs of ageing?

No! Please don’t…

Not just for your sake, but for anyone who you may come across first thing in the morning’s sake… 😆

Adding an advanced collagen supplement to your diet is an efficient way to up your collagen intake without having to shift your current diet drastically.

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